Masai Mara 

Farewells to Mbweha Lodge. Definitely our favourite lodge so far!

Four and a half hours of the worst “roads” we have ever been on!  Charles did take us on the shortcut roads so we didn’t have to drive back to Nairobi to head towards to Masai Mara but yikes!!! We saw two trucks wth broken axles so that should be a good indication of what it’s like! As Charles said we were getting our Masai massages on the roads!!!
A stop at a road side curio shop made Craig happy his bargaining skills in Kenya proved fruitful on the discounts! A few treasures now in our bag to head home to Singapore.
Before we arrived at our  lodge we stopped at a Masai Warrior village/ tourist trap! Where we were releaved of USD 80 for a tour of their village.  Nathan and Craig got to dance with the warriors, testing out their jumping skills…it’s true white men can’t jump!

Nathan was tested for his traditional fire making skills and then we got to exit through their gift shop!

Interesting to see their very basic way of life and hear of their rituals but left a sour taste after dropping 100USD for a half an hour experience.  Something you don’t need to add to your Kenya to do list!
Arrival to the tented lodge of Tipilikwani…  glamping. Beautifully appointed tents with claw foot baths over looking the river complete with our own security outside the tent at night the for the wandering hyenas!

Our afternoon game drive into the Masai Mara National Park was spectacular…..savannah plains as far as the eye can see.  We drove along the river and watched a group of hippos, there was also herd of elephants with two small calves.

Charles very confident today that we would see males lions and cheetahs! And again he was correct!

Spotted in the distances under some small trees were one lionesses and  three young lions and further away a older male, having a sleep completely oblivious to us.

Further along on the open plains, a group of five male cheetahs were lying in the grass together and just after we arrived decided to move as a group towards a tree to mark their territory.  For over an hour we followed them as they walked towards herds of wildebeests, teasing them and us!  But obviously not hungry tonight as they wandered off as the sun set and it was our time to exit the park.

Back to Tiplikwani for a hearty meal then escorted back to our “Tent” for the evening…don’t worry girls they provide hairdryers and hot water! 

Fell asleep to animal noises around our tent…firmly staying inside until the sun rises!!

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