Samburu to Nakuru National Park

Leaving Samburu early for our morning of travel to Nakuru, we were given a send off by a leopard half a kilometre from the lodge.  Completely oblivious to the 7 trucks that has spotted her she gave us a grandstand view while she stopped for a quick groom before she walked under our truck and headed off into the bush watching some wild chicken.  

While we were following her we stumbled into a scene from the Lion King, Giraffe, zebra, wild chickens and some gazelle all grazing in the same spot.  

Along the road we pass through local villages with all the kids waving as we drove by, Masai Farmers grazing cattle, goats and camels. The scenery very reminiscent of New Zealand’s lush farmland. A quick photo stop while Mount Kenya was visible through the clouds.

The roads we were travelling on,  not sure they can be called roads…ungraded and massive pot holes makes for some very slow travelling times,  ( and a sports bra!) and definitely not for you if you suffer from back or neck issues…a few hours on these roads  are a killer.
A stop of the Rift Valley, another fruit bowl of Kenya.  Dense vegetation with market gardens and commercial flower growers.

Finally we arrived at Mbweha Lodge, a boutique lodge with a beautiful lounge set around a fire pit. Shown to our thatched roof bungalows complete with huge comfy beds and an outdoor bath.  Time for a quick and very delicious lunch then it was on the road again to head into the Nakuru National Park.

During the drive the landscape very different with lush vegetation…no elephants in this park due to its smaller size and they would decimate the trees.  This park has Lake Nakuru at its centre and due to the lake rising a lot of the yellow fever Arcacia trees along the shoreline have died,  making for a very eerie view.

Jackpot of rhinos and a couple of lazy lionessss under a tree! 

Back to the lodge for another superb meal…not sure how we will go back to having just a main when we’ve been fed three courses for lunch and dinner for the past week!  A glass of wine by the fire and some wifi and everyone was happy tonight

Tucked up in bed under mosquitos nets and hot water bottles warming our beds, listening to the zebra and cattle talking under a jet black sky full of stars…..not leaving, it’s just too gorgeous!

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