Lazy Masai day

A well deserved lazy day at the lodge with a late breakfast and time by the pool with our books and wifi.

We headed out for an evening game drive…grazing Giraffes and a cheetah female on high alert looking like she was eyeing a possible kill after waiting for a while we figured she was too lazy enjoying the afternoon sun.

Charles told us today would be lions and he wasn’t wrong we saw a mature male with his full mane but was then spooked by a safari truck that went off track and chased him. He growled and took off. Thanks to that idiot he ruined it for the rest of us obeying the Park laws. Craig was sure to given him a piece of his mind!

Another lion couple Charles informed us they were a mating pair…we waiting to see but they were. Obviously camera shy! 
Back to the lodge for another delicious dinner and drinking by the outdoor fire pit tended by the Astridge children.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have experienced all the animal kingdown delights the Masai Mara has to offer.  Crossing our fingers the Serengeti lives up to our experience so far!

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