Nursery Day in the Serengeti

We are now pro at getting up early for these morning game drives….definitely a little cooler in the Serengeti with us getting use from our puffer jackets and beanies!
Abu decided to drive south of our camp for something different hunting for cats amongst a slightly different landscape with rocky outcrops which lions tend to like and call home.  On our way we passed two Spotted Hyena cubs hassling their Mum who had just come back from a night of scanveging.  She started nursing them both, they were quite big so they lay on the ground on their backs while she stood over them while they fed.

Then jackpot three mature lions, one very old with a dark main and visible ribs which was half heartedly hunting a gazelle in the long grass with no success while the other two males watched on.  Abu told us that males very rarely hunt as they leave that to the lionesses due to them being bigger and slower than the females.

Heading back towards the busier central area we stopped alongside a herd of 38 elephants, grazing in the long grass, a beautiful sight with so many babies in the herd.

A plethora of trucks ahead and we knew there was something interesting to see as we all jostled for a sight of two lion cubs sunbathing on a termite hill, no sight of Mum around at all.  They played with each other in the long grass for 15 minutes before they cross the road in front of the trucks obviously called by the two lionesses that appeared from nowhere in the long grass.  The four disappeared into the shady grass for naps.

Next were two napping cheetahs under a tree, the odd twitch of the ears and each would take it in turns to look up when they heard a noise.  Clearly we didn’t need to stay long as they didn’t appear keen to move.

Driving towards our refreshment break Abu spotted a lion sleeping in the sun, up high on a rocky ledge ….no idea how he saw it….we could only see half of his head in binoculars!

During the morning we also spotted two leopards in trees, the first was the same one from yesterday his gazelle kill still dangling high from the tree, obliviously he likes his meat air dried!

 The second leopard hanging over a branch of an Arcacia trees, legs and tail hanging down, oblivious to the 15 trucks that stop to admire his balancing skills.

We called it a day at 3:30pm to relax back at camp..first ones back…pole position for drinks outside the Mess tent and all our devices ready to charge when the generator comes in at 6pm.

Serengeti Heritage Camp…definitely not so much of the Luxury Tented Camp that they advertise, the staff are friendly but are understaffed for the 15 tents that they have to service and the poor Masai night watchman rushed off his feet as he is the after dark escort to your tents, as well as the hot water carrier for the showers. After three nights while it’s been an amazing experience to sleep in the middle of the park with lions and hyenas calling in the night, we are looking forward to eating something other than boiled eggs,  vegetable soup and coconut beef and fish and having a shower for longer than two minutes!

Tonight we’ve seen our first rain, guessing our dusty roads will be a little muddy in the morning and may keep the animals away from Camp tonight.

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