Tarangire National Park – Home of the Elephants

Our home for the next two nights is Lake Burunge Tented Lodge alongside Lake Burunge home to thousands of flamingo, quite a sight at sunset.

Another impressive lodge with thatched roof tented large rooms, very comfortable beds and excellent showers with plenty of hot water.  The staff and food we could not fault and it was nice to actually enjoy the resort this time instead of full days out on game drives.

Our one day in the National Park we started early and were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise with hot air balloons floating up in the distance.  This park that covers 2850 square kilometers along its namesake river has a reputation for large herds of elephants. We weren’t disappointed as we saw many grazing elephants under magnificent Baobab trees, some trees our guide Abu, telling us were over 300 years old! Absolutely magnificent and these were the first Baobab trees we had seen during out time in Africa!

While seeing a few lions, ( one lioness and her cubs returning home after a young zebra kill) Abu heard on the radio of a very rare sighting …we drove fast and like mountain goats not always sticking to the trail we managed to see them at a distance  …… Wild African Dogs. A pack of 10 off in search of lunch.  Abu telling us this is only his third time in spotting these dogs in all his years of being a guide! Well we were very pleased!!

A beautiful and very up close encounter with a herd of elephants and their young enjoying a feast under a tree, so close we could have touched them…of course all hands and legs in the jeep at all times! 

This was a fabulous way to finish our sensational two weeks of game drives between Kenya and Tanzania. Africa you make our heart sing!
Back to Lake Burunge for some time by the pool before our last dinner in Tanzania under the stars!

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