Nursery Day in the Serengeti

We are now pro at getting up early for these morning game drives….definitely a little cooler in the Serengeti with us getting use from our puffer jackets and beanies! Abu decided to drive south of our camp for something different hunting for cats amongst a slightly different landscape with rocky outcrops which lions tend to […]

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Game Driving in the Serengeti

Today was a chance to see the cats of the Serengeti in action, and what an experience we enjoyed. Another early start from calm at what else is new on this trip! Our first cat sighting was a male lion, poking his head up from the river bank. He seemed to be accompanied by 2 […]

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Serengeti Safari begins

The kids being troopers with all the early starts and we were rewarded this morning. Charles thought he could fit one quick game drive in on our way to the airstrip which is in the National Park. We saw the standards elephants , zebra and wildebeest but Charles was trying hard to find us some […]

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Lazy Masai day

A well deserved lazy day at the lodge with a late breakfast and time by the pool with our books and wifi. We headed out for an evening game drive…grazing Giraffes and a cheetah female on high alert looking like she was eyeing a possible kill after waiting for a while we figured she was […]

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Samburu to Nakuru National Park

Leaving Samburu early for our morning of travel to Nakuru, we were given a send off by a leopard half a kilometre from the lodge.  Completely oblivious to the 7 trucks that has spotted her she gave us a grandstand view while she stopped for a quick groom before she walked under our truck and […]

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Full day on the Masai Mara

Today was our full day adventure in the Maasai Mara game park – with a leisurely departure at 8am! Writing this having returned from this day, we are all not sure whether anything can prepare you for the majesty and the complete confrontation that Mother Nature decided to offer us today.First call was to check […]

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Masai Mara 

Farewells to Mbweha Lodge. Definitely our favourite lodge so far! Four and a half hours of the worst “roads” we have ever been on!  Charles did take us on the shortcut roads so we didn’t have to drive back to Nairobi to head towards to Masai Mara but yikes!!! We saw two trucks wth broken […]

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